Thyrocare Technologies ‘Strong Financial Performance: Company Reports 8.83% Growth in Net Sales and 41.89% Surge in Quarterly Net Profit

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Thyrocare Technologies – In September 2023, the company demonstrated robust financial growth, with net sales reaching Rs 136.29 crore, marking an impressive 8.83% increase from the previous year’s figure of Rs 125.23 crore. The company’s quarterly net profit also experienced significant growth, soaring by 41.89% from Rs 14.30 crore in September 2022 to Rs 20.29 crore in September 2023.

Furthermore, the company’s EBITDA stood at Rs 38.45 crore in September 2023, showcasing a substantial 25.24% rise from the previous year’s figure of Rs 30.70 crore. This strong financial performance reflected the company’s effective management and strategic initiatives, contributing to its overall profitability.


As of 1:10 pm, the company’s shares were trading slightly lower than the previous close, hovering at ₹547.85. Despite the minor dip in share price, the market response highlighted investor confidence in the company’s robust financial results, indicating a positive outlook for its future growth and sustainability.