Market Capitalisation of top firms declines over Rs 2.85 lakh crore

The current market evaluations done last week shows the top 10most valued firms suffered a combined loss of INR285251.65 crore.

The Market Capitalisation deterioration of ₹2,85,251.65 crore from their market valuations last week has shown an overall weak broader market trend.

Moreover, Reliance Industries emerging as the worst-hit of  1,14,767.5 crore to reach 17,73,196.68 crore compared to other most valued companies.


HDFC’s valuation went lower by 13,924.03 crore to 3,90,045.06 crore and that Bharti Airtel declined by 16,091.64 crore to 3,90,153.62 crore.

The valuation of Infosys deteriorated 10,285.69 crore to 6,49,302.28 crore. And that of Adani Green Energy got a lower 2,322.56 crore to 4,49,255.28 crore.

The Market Capitalisation of Tata Consultancy Services dropped to 42,847.49 crore to 12,56,152.34 crore.

ICICI Bank’s Mcap eroded 16,625.96 crore to 5,00,136.52 crore. Whereas that of State Bank of India fell by 10,843.4 crore to 4,32,263.56 crore.

HDFC Bank’s valuation slumped by 36,984.46 crore to 7,31,068.41 crore and looking at the market valuations of Hindustan Unilever get  down by 20,558.92 crore to 5,05,068.14 crore.

It is clearly evident from the data which is  shown above that Reliance Industries is the worst hit among these top 10 companies against their market valuations.

The current market Sensex has slumped 3.89% which is 2225.29,while the nifty lost 691.30 points or 4.40%.