Infosys Share Price: Closes at Rs 1,637 after volatile trade

Infosys, the leading IT services company, experienced a turbulent trading day, with its share price exhibiting significant volatility before ultimately closing lower. The stock opened at ₹1,657.85, slightly higher than its previous close of ₹1,656.30, hinting at a potential upward momentum.

However, the intraday trading session was marked by fluctuations, as the share price initially surged to a high of ₹1,664.45. However, the momentum was short-lived, and the stock subsequently declined, touching a low of ₹1,633.65.


Infosys concluded the trading session at ₹1,637.20, down 1.15% from its opening price. The traded volume stood at a substantial 44,45,156 shares, with a traded value of ₹72,983.24 lakhs.
Notably, Infosys’ total market capitalization remained significant at ₹6,78,92,435.31 lakhs.