Genesys International shares surge after company join forces with Survey of India to transform India’s map landscape

Genesys International Corporation Limited witnessed a robust surge of over 4 percent in its shares, reaching Rs 378 during morning trade on November 23. The uptick followed the company’s announcement of a strategic collaboration with Survey of India (SOI) aimed at bringing about a revolutionary transformation in India’s map content.

This partnership is geared towards the creation of digital twins for major cities and towns, utilizing the capabilities of SOI’s recently launched CORS network. The CORS network enables the generation of real-time, high-precision positioning data, forming the foundation for this groundbreaking initiative.


In a statement released on November 22, Genesys International highlighted the alignment of this collaboration with India’s National Geospatial Policy 2022, emphasizing the promotion of self-reliance in geospatial data production and usage. The comprehensive dataset generated through this collaboration is envisioned to serve as the cornerstone for crafting detailed and accurate urban representations.

SOI’s Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) network boasts 902 stations across all states and union territories, providing real-time and high-precision positioning data. As of 11:28 am, Genesys International’s shares continued to exhibit positive momentum, trading 0.94% higher at ₹364.85. This strategic alliance reflects the companies’ commitment to advancing geospatial technology and contributing to the evolving landscape of India’s mapping infrastructure.