Dollar Industries Reports Strong Q2’FY24 Results; Shares Surge Over 5%

In a remarkable trading session on November 8, shares of Dollar Industries witnessed a surge of over 5%. The company, renowned in the garment and hosiery industry, unveiled its Q2’FY24 results on Tuesday, showcasing robust financial performance.

According to the company’s statement, Dollar Industries Limited experienced significant growth in its EBITDA, which soared by 37.6% to Rs 4,227 Lacs. Additionally, the gross profit margin saw a noteworthy increase, rising by 189 basis points to 32.6%. The gross profit itself recorded a remarkable growth of 28.6% YoY, reaching Rs 13,457 Lacs. Impressively, the EBITDA margin exceeded the 10% mark, growing by 122 basis points compared to the previous year.


Dollar Industries reported a total income of Rs 41,305 Lacs, indicating a substantial growth of 21.2% YoY. The company’s net profit showed exceptional growth, surging by 43.9% to Rs 2,487 Lacs from the Q2 FY23 PAT of Rs 1,729 Lacs. This impressive performance also reflected in the PAT margin, which expanded by 95 basis points to 6.0%.

Investors responded positively to Dollar Industries’ strong financial results, driving the shares to surge by over 5% during the trading session.