Asian Paints shares in Focus as company raises production capacity at Khandala Plant to meet growing demand

Asian Paints Ltd has recently announced a significant development regarding its Khandala plant, indicating a strategic move to address its medium-term capacity needs. The paints manufacturer disclosed that it has successfully augmented the original installed production capacity of the Khandala plant to 4,00,000 KL per annum. This expansion is a proactive measure taken by the company to align with the increasing demands expected in the medium term.

Initially established with an installed production capacity of 3,00,000 KL per annum, the Khandala plant’s enhanced capacity underscores Asian Paints’ commitment to staying ahead of market demands and ensuring a robust production infrastructure.


In the previous trading session on the BSE, Asian Paints’ stock experienced a marginal decline of 0.28%, closing at Rs 3088.95. The day witnessed the exchange of 0.53 lakh shares of Asian Paints, with a turnover totaling Rs 16.21 crore. As of the latest available data, the market capitalization of Asian Paints stands at an impressive Rs 2.96 lakh crore.

Reflecting on the stock’s performance, Asian Paints shares maintain a one-year beta of 0.2, indicating a notably low level of volatility over the past year. This stability suggests a measured and controlled market response to the company’s operational dynamics.

As of the latest market update at 10:56 am, Asian Paints shares are actively trading at ₹3,084.00.