Will 2021 be marked as a gateway of A.I driven World Economy?

Wherein some economies have started to adopt the AI, other emerging economies are still trying to cope up with the previous legacies to create their brand names, among others.

The anxious wait of the much-awaited era of enhanced and efficient production is almost there with the Fourth Industrial Revolution withstanding artificial intelligence (AI), automation and digital workspace environment. The rise of the digital revolution with new trends is driving the future of work with ultimate job satisfaction, well-being, and professional environmental development. The ushering of robotics and AI resulting in highly productive automation might one day replace humans in this global economy.

It is an integral part of business enterprises to study a trend for a certain period to examine the modified productivity and surpassed output. The global world should now focus on what is behind the screen while focusing on the biggest upcoming asset. A survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics stated that there was a significant increase in labour productivity from 4.6% to 10.6%. This rise of labour productivity is coined by them as “bad productivity” as the upcoming work structure needs to be tech-oriented and not human.


The 180-degree turn driven by the realization and social outreach disrupting the rules of the established legacy of work is what we need to learn and work with. It has been concluded as a pandemic message that organisation structure and interaction with colleagues is the must for growth and productivity, however, physical contact is not necessary. The entire process could be done within remote working via digital workplaces.

Until 2020, productivity was the outcome of human’s cognitive skills and technology. Now, the unfolding paths of 2021, the human-centred society that can control economic, political, and social areas is on its journey to achieve far-reaching effects with automation facilities like, Alexa, Siri. Artificial intelligence is the crux of unlocking productivity for the upcoming decade. The focus would be shifted to engagement with humans competing with robots. The new way of work management aims to integrate the high-tech capabilities of various devices and services to optimize human potential. Moving back to the bounded cubicles is not an option anymore rather establish a hierarchy of automation is the new goal of 2021.

The form and function are the basic essences of any goal-oriented workspace based on values. The form includes the pattern followed by the co-workers of the company and of course, technology and the function are the series of outcomes of their enhanced productivity and more developed growth and well-being. The ultimate knowledge of human history is being reconstructed on fingertips unlocking the full potential of isolated rooms. According to a data survey, there has been an increase of 3.5 billion new users on the internet during this pandemic. Not only humans but the laptops and computers have also increased their RAM sizes and processor speed, mobiles are getting advanced making them easy to carry while ICT and AI are becoming the rulers of the world economy.

However, the situation is not the same around the whole world. Wherein some economies have started to adopt the AI, other emerging economies are still trying to cope up with the previous legacies to create their brand names, among others.

Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, etc are the major media and social platforms that are using algorithms that are playing a major role in high productivity management. The unearthing of each story while adding perspective and information is the sole aim of every algorithm used.

An Aruba report on digital workspace categorised two groups: Digital Revolutionaries who are into digital workspaces while adopting new technologies and automation powers and another group being Digital Laggards who work in less engaged digital workspaces. In today’s business world companies are embracing new designed digital workspaces. Companies not only want tech-savvy people but also people who can adapt to the other emerging technologies and convert a dumb and boring physical work environment to a digitally empowered workstation that needs to productive, interactive, digitally equipped. These days it is not only the plug-in feature that has to be enabled but also plug-in these features into the minds of human beings. This type of employment enables a company to be high on optimism and optimisation of workspaces. It is necessary to understand the business and marketing strategies and content and generalist views of any company to choose and sync with the right sort of people, automation, and robotics. Artificial intelligence will overtake the whole economy at large but till then, the effectiveness possessed by them needs to be incorporated into the human capabilities while being on the same line of function maintain an individual identity withstanding consumer confidence.

Daniel Libeskind, the person who designed the master plan for the World Trade site after 9-11 said, “To provide meaningful architecture is not to parody history but to articulate it.” ‘Restructuration’ is the sole motto of every upcoming and on-going business with high-skill professionals who are closely related to the technologies making a strong demand and taking full advantage of the high potential of automation, setting its foot into the new ear of artificial intelligence boosting the global economy over the next decade of the working-age population.