“There will be a transition period for new norms relating to the import of tablets and laptops, which will be notified soon” : said the deputy IT minister

On Friday, the deputy IT minister made an announcement about there being a transition period for new norms relating to the import of tablets and laptops, which will be notified soon. It is also expected that the government is likely to give more time to companies to apply for licences to import laptops and other devices, extending stipulated timelines of import restrictions.


According to sources, one of the reasons behind the decision to restrict import of laptops was security concerns.



RajeevChandrasekhar, the Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology tweeted and said that the obiective behind the move was to “ensure trusted hardware and systems, reduce import dependence and increase domestic mfg of this category of products”.


A portal has been prepared by DGFT, and companies/ traders can apply online for getting a license. It is expected that DGFT will issue a license within 3/4 days if details are filled in properly. Goods/consignments in transit will be allowed without an import license.


On Friday, a senior government official said that the import curbs imposed on laptops and computers would help bridge India’s trade deficit with China and promote domestic manufacturing.

The official also added that the move would also help electronic companies to start manufacturing these devices in India rather than only assembling them.


The Commerce and Industry Ministry official said,”The intent behind this is to promote

Make in India and to attract investments

within the country so that more and more companies can come to India and produce here. We want the iPhone model to be replicated in the laptop and PC (personal computer) segment.”


When asked if the decision would increase prices in the local markets, the official said that there is an access capacity in India because of the imports, particularly from China, so there would not be any price rise.


Prior to the 3rd August’s notification of Directorate General of Foreign Trade regulations allowed companies to import laptops freely.