RBI’s major employee unions to conduct nationwide strike, pressing demands

Reserve Bank of India’s employee union has written a letter to its Human Resource management department citing its issues. The union is doubting a shrunk in the RBI and the outsourcing of jobs suspecting a systematic attack on the autonomy of the bank.

The letter by the employee union on 11 November reads “We are constrained to note that the country’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India, is being shrunk rapidly. Its job is being outsourced, eliminated.”


“The autonomy and independence of the RBI have been the target of systemic attack by the powers that be,” it adds.

The major employee unions at RBI, All India Reserve Bank Employees Association (AIRBEA), and All India Reserve Bank Workers Federation (AIRBWF) have told the bank, they will be on strike on November 26 to press their demands. The unions said that this will be a nationwide strike by the unions citing various reforms in hiring, pension, and the nature of employment.

Earlier. the AIRBEA had written a letter to the HR department citing a reduction in urgently and substantially rate of interest on loans and advances to the bank staff. The letter refers that these kinds of reductions have already been announced by banks like State Bank of India, and Bank of Baroda. The unions requested the bank to reduce the interest rate of all kind of loans to RBI staff by at least 1.25 percent.