PM Modi pushes mega employment of 10 lakh in 18 months

PM Modi pushes for a mega-employment plan for the recruitment of 10 lakh people in the next 18 months.

PM Modi on Tuesday had reviewed the status of human resources across all government departments and ministries, thereby instructing the recruitment of 10 lakh people over the course of 18 months on “Mission Mode”. 

It is worthy to note that the announcement comes at a time. When the opposition parties have been questioning the government on the employment issue in the country. For the last few days. PM reviewed the status of human resources in all departments and ministries and instructed that recruitment of 10 lakh people be done by the government in a mission mode in next 1.5 years,” the PMO tweeted on Monday.


PM Modi pushes mega recruitment

The government had earlier clarified to the Parliament that. Moreover, there is an enormous amount of vacant posts available in the government. Which was as of March 1, 2020. The total number of sanctioned government employees was to be approximately 40 lakh. But at the moment less than 32 lakh people are in place. The Prime Minister had previously conducted a meeting with all the secretaries of various departments on April 2 where he had asked every department to focus on improving the employment issue in individual departments. 

Reports suggest that most vacancies can be seen in the posts of major ministries such as Revenue, Defense, Railways, etc. According to News 18 report on the matter. Thus, there are almost 15 lakh sanctioned posts in Railways and around 2.3 lakh posts are still vacant.