Over 1.5 crore ITR filed & 3 crore taxpayers successfully completed the registration: Infosys

In the new, IT portal 1.5 income tax returns were filed and 3 crores taxpayers completed the transaction as stated by Infosys.

In 2019 Infosys was awarded a 4200 -crore contract to develop the new e -filing portal by replacing the old one and reduce the processing time from 63 days to one day.


The portal was launched on June 7, 2021, in the middle of peak tax season and things started declining and facing a downfall. And the portal if inaccessible then making the process smooth and become the main topic of news while the motive behind the idea of the new ID portal was to create a taxpayer-friendly portal that is easy to use and fast refunds.

The new IT portal recorded a progressive and continuous increase in the usage of taxpayers over 3 crores who have logged into the portal and successfully completed the number of transactions.

On Thursday, Company stated in a BSE filing, apart from this progressive state of the IT portal some users experience difficulties with the new IT portal which the company acknowledges and it’s working aggressively in collaboration with the Income Tax Department to increase the user experience.

Currently, the new IT portal is providing 2.5 lakh returns filing daily. Previously the form was not available for large businesses for filing ITR and Now ITR is available for all including small and large businesses. Previous issues regarding certain forms have been solved as well which includes 15G, 15H, EQ, 10A, 10B, 10lE, DTVSV, 15CA, 15CB, 35 and TDS returns which have been filed in huge numbers.

Over 11.5 lakh statutory and 8lakh TDS returns have already been filed. Services like e- pro setting response to demands and notices, e -PAN services, DSC registrations and functionality for a legal heir, around 16.6lakh e-PANs have been allotted in which 4.3 lakh DSC registration is completed and 3.44 lakh, responses 2 notices and demand have also been completed by e-proceeding.

Infosys stated that the company is determined to complete all the challenges target and working with Chartered Accountant Community to make sure that user issues are supported thoroughly tested before deployment.