Global economic update: Unemployment drops in the US, Euro area faces inflation, and India’s PMI shows growth

Let’s delve into the key developments across various regions with the latest global economic indicators. From declining unemployment claims in the US to inflation concerns in the Euro Area and positive growth signals in India, these updates offer valuable insights into the current state of the global economy.

US unemployment claims drop significantly:


In the week ending February 17th, the number of people claiming unemployment benefits in the US plummeted by 12,000 to 201,000. This figure, well below market expectations of 218,000, represents the lowest claim count since hitting a 16-month low of 189,000 just five weeks prior. The decline is a positive sign for the US labor market, indicating potential strength and resilience.

Euro area inflation remains above ECB target:

The inflation rate in the Euro Area stood at 2.8% in January 2024, a marginal decrease from December’s 2.9%. Despite the slight dip, it remains above the European Central Bank’s target of 2.0%. This persistent inflationary pressure raises concerns and highlights the challenges faced by the ECB in maintaining price stability.

UK manufacturing PMI slightly below expectations:

The S&P Global Flash UK Manufacturing PMI edged up to 47.1 in February 2024 from 47 in January. While showing a modest improvement, it fell slightly below market forecasts of 47.5, as per preliminary estimates. The manufacturing sector’s performance in the UK continues to be closely watched amid ongoing economic dynamics.

Growth signals in India’s manufacturing and services sectors:

India’s economic indicators bring positive news, with the HSBC India Manufacturing PMI inching up to 56.7 in February 2024 from 56.5 in the previous month. This signals continued growth and stability in the manufacturing sector. Additionally, the HSBC India Services PMI rose to 62.0 in February, indicating the fastest expansion in the services sector since July 2023. These figures highlight India’s resilience and economic momentum.

RBI’s response to evolving liquidity conditions:

In response to the review of current and evolving liquidity conditions, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is set to conduct a Variable Rate Repo (VRR) auction on February 26, 2024. This move reflects the central bank’s proactive measures to manage liquidity and navigate the economic landscape effectively.

Staying abreast of these global economic updates provides valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of major economies. From employment trends in the US to inflation challenges in the Euro Area and robust growth signals in India, these indicators collectively shape the narrative of the global economic landscape.