Fuel prices in Rajasthan & MP break Rs 100/litre barrier

Petrol prices have now crossed, for the first time, the major milestone of Rs 100 per litre. In the Sriganganagar District of Rajasthan and Anuppur of Madhya Pradesh, the retail price of petrol was at Rs 100.13/litre and 100.13/litre respectively. The diesel is sold at Rs 92.7/litre and 90.35/litre, respectively.

The taxpayer is now suffering greatly due to the constant hiking of fuel prices since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The public of Sriganganagar is now preferring to travel to nearby Punjab towns to get their vehicles fueled as the price difference is now a massive Rs 10/litre.


Petrol Pump owners are now also under pressure since their customers are not willing to spend so much money and are choosing to spend time travelling to towns where fuel is cheaper.

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has blamed the fuel price hikes on the previous governments’ administration saying that the “middle-class man would not be bearing this burden had the previous governments focused on working to reduce India’s dependence for Oil on imports.”

Tags of ‘Rs 100’ and ‘#petrol100’ were trending today on the micro-blogging platform Twitter. The number of people tweeting about the fuel price hike was over 20,000 at 11:20 AM (IST).

Twitter users were sharing old tweets of BJP supporters who had in 2012 heavily criticized the Congress Government when the fuel prices had reached the then-all time highs.