Dogetti Pre-Sale Steals the Spotlight from Filecoin and Tezos

Dogetti enters the crypto scene with the intention of dominating the dog world. The crypto industry has been plagued by hacks and theft in the past year, but 2023 offers some hope for relief from the ongoing crypto winter. Meanwhile, Filecoin has seen a stunning 70% rise, and Tezos has gone global with its latest partnerships.

Filecoin Marches Ahead with Big Upgrades, While Tezos Goes Global


The air of excitement among Filecoin investors is palpable as a series of smart contracts is set to launch on the network. This may result in widespread acceptance of the coin, which now has its focus on the data storage arena. The Filecoin blockchain is expected to provide user programmability and smart contracts with the introduction of Filecoin Virtual Machine [FVM] on the mainnet. Overall, Filecoin looks poised for a significant jump across all parameters.

On the other hand, Tezos (XTZ) is making a grand entrance into private and government organizations around the world. Recently, the governance-focused token signed deals with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to develop blockchain-based digital wallets for record-keeping. Moreover, Tezos India worked with incubators to support the creation of decentralized applications in the nation. Tezos is widely known for its development across decentralized apps, decentralized finance, and NFT initiatives.

Don Eloni – I Have a Dream

Dogetti (DETI) is an Ethereum Network ERC20 token that is completely decentralized, community-driven and has no centralized ownership, with the idea of building a strong, cohesive family.

The Dogetti family’s vision of creating a community-controlled cryptocurrency has been realized, and now Don Eloni elaborates on his plans for the family. Dog lovers looking for potential gains should make their move now or regret it forever.

The “reflection protocol” in this family-focused meme coin project enables participants to earn a consistent passive income from the platform’s transaction fees (2% for every transaction). Going forward, Dogetti will similarly offer extra gifts and incentives for its members.

More Than a Meme Coin

The Dogetti coin is more than just a meme coin; it’s a movement. A movement that’s shifting wealth into the De-Fi ecosystem and creating a sense of belonging and shared purpose among its holders. The Dogetti family’s innovative and creative approach has led to the creation of utility features like Dogettiswap, Dogetti NFTs, and DogettiDAO. These features are designed to make the coin more accessible, user-friendly, and fun for everyone.

Currently, Dogetti is in the first stage of its presale, having raised $192,413. The company will move on to the second level of funding once it reaches the $500,000 goal in presale tokens. Dogetti is providing a one-time “secret family code,” “WISEGUY25,” during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which customers can use to gain 25% more tokens with a DETI purchase. Gangster rewards come heavy!

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Dogetti (DETI)