Angel One ensures data security, denies recent breach

Angel One has assured the integrity of its data and denied any recent breaches in response to a news report claiming the personal data of 8 million customers was compromised. The brokerage firm addressed the issue through its social media handle X, stating that the incident referred to in the report is over a year old.


“We want to confirm that Angel One’s customer data is secure, and there has been no new data leak incident,” the company stated. “The recent media news pertains to an incident that occurred in April 2023, which was promptly handled, secured, and reported to relevant authorities.”

The news report in The Economic Times quoted a cyber security consultant who accessed the data. The consultant noted, “Typically, in such cases, there is a demand for ransom by the threat actors, but we do not know what exactly transpired between the hackers and the company, since the data dump is a year and a half old.”

Angel One’s statement aims to reassure customers and stakeholders that their data remains secure and that any previous issues have been effectively resolved.