Which are the top 5 most influential international films?

Films are made on subjective grounds but never remain ones. Films don’t have any specific language and that’s why they are universal. These are some of the influential international films.

Films are modern and well-equipped art forms. Time and space have sex and give birth to the cinema. Films are made on subjective grounds but never remain ones. Films don’t have any specific language and that’s why they are universal. These are some of the influential international films.

Seven Samurai

Black and white is the glory. The camera can be used in multiple dimensions. When the film is about action, technology has a vital role to play in it. The telephoto lens facilitates us with the real-life experience of battle. Characters are explored after every choreographed action. There is a specific aesthetic work done on the way of fighting, dealing with javelins, etc. Failure, Lust, are the ornaments revolving around the screenplay. Kurosawa is the captain of such an extravagant piece of art. A symphony of an incident and its counterpart has been composed. Action cinema was redefined. Unthinkable teams started fighting against evil powers. Unimaginable things became reality.

Bicycle thieves

We are humans and we have a speech. Films are all about time and space. The climax of Vittorio De Sica’s Bicycle Thieves will turn your thought, prediction, and hearts upside down. Reality crosses every limit in bicycle thieves. The climax of the film is a cinematic epitome of reality. The film depicts the relationship between Father and Son in Italy. World war two is the base of the story. A stolen bicycle takes viewers on a roller coaster of emotions. It was special because it represented the neo-realism of Italian cinema. This film erases every boundary and makes cinema a universal art form. This film is still pertinent and will be in the future.

Tokyo Story

The movie revolves around the journey of an aged couple to Tokyo. It was considered just a Japanese movie and nothing more than that. The couple has traveled just to visit their deported children. It was released in 1953 and is considered the masterpiece of Yasujirō Ozu. It is slightly based on an American film. It wasn’t regarded as an international film but, after 1970, Students of Film appreciation and Critics have experienced the universality and broader vision of the film. It is often referred to as a slow poison as it enters into our existence gradually and pulls us on the edge. Director has manifested his presence through low-angle and static shots.


Rashomon is an exceptional masterpiece and one of the most important films in the history of global cinema. Ruins of an old gate force three men to seek refuge. The ambiance of rainfall gives birth to goosebumps. One amongst the three men narrates the story of a murder of samurai. Four narratives make it gripping for viewers. Narratives are contradictory and entertaining. Tajômaru is the metaphor used to highlight complex human nature. This metaphor is the peak of whimsicality. Samurai represent raw brutality and the wife is shown as the symbol of survival. These characters get stuck in complicated situations and react dynamically. Everything becomes ugly and after every brutal reaction, the director gives us the chance to react. It is a wonderful movie with a breathtaking screenplay.

The Rules Of the Game

It is regarded as the opus of Jean Renoir and the reason behind that is, the filming done during World War 2. It was also denounced upon its release. Robert Altman asserted, “I learned the rules of the game from The Rules of the Game.” Renoir allowed his actors to improvise during the shoot and carefully planned the long takes just to make this film a docudrama. Farce many times leads to tragedy and in the same way, the climax of the film becomes a gigantic tragedy due to an unfortunate accident.

Films just have a cinematic language and that’s why they entertain and engage us. These films are unique blends of complexity and simplicity. Let’s watch and understand the cinema as an expression and not just as a medium of entertainment.

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