Top unknown and interesting facts about Gautam Adani that you are eager to know

One of the most respected and renowned entrepreneurs of India, Gautam Shantilal Adani is said to be a self-made billionaire, with an accounted net worth of about $ 62 billion. It has been estimated that he is the second richest man in India. It has been notified that his establishment deals with logistics, renewables, energy, aerospace, defence and many more holdings. Want to know more about Adani then we have something for you, down below we have listed down some of the unknown and interesting facts about him:

Gautam Adani is said to be a school dropout. The known billionaire was said to be pursuing a degree in the commerce sector from the University of CN Vidyalaya, Ahmedabad. But then later he dropped off and facilitated his journey to Mumbai to deal in the diamond earnings.

Through and through Adani worked hard, and learned the knicks and knacks of the diamond business and became a diamond broker which led to his instalment to be a millionaire at the age of 20.

Later on, his fame got in trouble, like when he was kidnapped in 1998 and he made it to the newspaper headlines that he was said to be kidnapped by Fazlu Rehman an underworld don for an amount of $ 1.5 million.

On 26 November 2008, Adani is said to have had a mere death experience because at the time zone was perceived to be dining at the Taj hotel Mumbai when the hotel was ambushed by terrorists, but Adani was lucky enough to have been hidden in the basement area along with other guests. It has been reported that almost 160 people were killed in the attack.

The businessman is said to be the owner of the largest private power producer establishment in India which is known to distribute electricity to almost all parts of India with having the largest solar power plant in the country.

Thus here were some of the interesting/unknown facts about the famous tycoon.


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