Top quotes by Pankaj Tripathi – Inspirational and Incredible


Pankaj Tripathi, an actor that needs no introduction to describe his capabilities. He is one of the finest actors in the industry and everyone just happens to love him. From giving us gems of the series and roles to admire, he has done it all effortlessly. He has played the roles of the comedian to a gangster, and you do not see Pankaj on-screen, you can only see the character and that’s how beautifully he plays the role. So, on his birthday we are bringing to you the best of his quotes, which is incredible and inspirational at the same time.

Have a look at the best of quotes by Pankaj Tripathi on his birthday.

  1. “‘Masaan’ was a small role, but people connected with it. I loved playing a man who does not have many complexities in life. I was inspired by my father for this role. You find such characters in a novel or in stories. You don’t find such parts in movies where characters are either good, bad, or grey.
  2. In life, we have two segments: arts and science. We need science to make our lives easier. But what do we live for? We enjoy life through the arts. So it’s an artistes duty to question the wrongs happening in the society.
  3. Script ki lines nirjeev hoti hai, unme saansein ek actor bharta hai.
  4. I used to work in a hotel kitchen at night and do theatre in the morning. After finishing my night shift – I did it for two years – I used to come back and sleep for five hours and then do theatre from 2-7 P.M. and then again hotel work from 11-7 in the morning.
  5. I am an aware citizen, so I want my characters to be aware, too. They should be aware of what’s happening in society and make a commentary. They’re not in la-la land.
  6. In ‘Stree,’ I play a character who believes that he knows everything. And I play a cop in ‘Drive.’ It is a different kind of role. It is not a uniform-wearing character. The film is interesting since it is a thriller.
  7. The National Award is a matter of pride for me, and it has also increased my responsibilities towards the country.
  8. It was Sultan Qureshi, the character of ‘Gangs of Wasseypur,’ which brought success as a baddie, but it was the TC and teacher’s roles in ‘Masaan’ and ‘Nil Battey Sannata’ that broke the villain’s mold and helped me successfully explore the other shades – be it comedy, intense, or serious – surprising the audience all the time.
  9. I think reading and traveling not only make us good artistes but also broaden our horizons and open our minds. It really helps us to become a good human being.
  10. Comedy is important, and I do not want to end up being recognized for just one genre.

These were amazing words said by Pankaj Tripathi that gives you inspiration and shows exactly how he has struggled all his life to reach where he is now.

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