Top Cuisines of Tripura to explore the taste of this State


One more location that is underexplored in India, is Tripura. It is one of the hills from the seven sister hills of the North-east of India. This place shares the border with Bangladesh from three sides but it is quite secluded as if it is in a cocoon. It has its own culture and unique taste to its cuisine. If you are foodie, then you can not just miss the foods of Tripura. It is super tasty and it speaks for itself. Mostly, the people of this state live on rice, fish, chicken, mutton, and pork, though a small section of Muslims consumes beef which is not easily available in the state.

Here is a list of some cuisines that are amazing to try and that reflects the true Tripura.


Authentic Chauk and Chuwarak

Before starting with the heavy meals, here is a thing for all the beer lovers. Freshly brewed rice beer, which is pretty common in many parts of the North East, here is known as Chauk. It is drunk by Tripurians on special occasions or festivals. Another infamous drink of this state is Chuwarak. it is basically a mix of scotch and champagne. A lot of styles are present to make this drink, some with rice, pineapple, or jackfruit. This is considered to be one of the safest alcohol all around the world.

Mui Borok

Tripurians love this dish to the core. They use one ingredient that is very popular in this state, Berma. It is basically fermented fish, which is dried over time. The spicy and salty taste of this food is going to leave an aftertaste on your tongue but you would probably love the taste of it. So, when exploring this state, one should totally try their special element of the Tripura cuisine.



Rice dish is a staple for a lot of states in India, so is for Tripura. They love eating meat and they accompany their meat dishes with rice. They have a unique way of preparing rice to bring in the perfect aroma and texture to the rice. They put in a lot of time and effort in serving the best plate of rice. Tripurians put in a little ghee, ginger, and onions to get the desired flavor. Before all of this, the boiling of rice is done by wrapping it in the banana leaves, which keeps the flavor and nutrients of rice as it is.

Kosoi Bwtwi

A dish made up with beans and garlic is pretty famous in Tripura. The beans are first steamed and then cooked with garlic and green chillis. It is generally served with rice. The beans are first billed. Then the seasoning of finely chopped garlic and green chillis are cooked in any oil along with salt and turmeric. Then the boiled beans are added to the seasoning. Once cooked, it is ready to serve. A simple and healthy dish that is worth a try.

Muya Bai Wahan Chakhwi

The last one is for pork meat lovers. The pork is cooked with multiple healthy ingredients such as jackfruit, bamboo shoots, and papaya. The pork meat is cut into medium slices. It also includes lemon leaves and chillis that are cut into longitudinal pieces. Overall, this dish is loved by every Tripurian meat lover. So, give it a try when you wish to go all-in for the flavors of Tripura.

These were some of the best local foods and cuisines of Tripura that deserve to be tried once.


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