Top 5 lesser known places to visit in Meghalaya


Meghalaya is itself a little offbeat place to visit in India. But it has equally interesting tourist spots like the other travelers’ favorite states, if not more. Some of the places of Meghalaya are of course well known and frequently visited by tourists, but there are many more awe-inspiringly magnificent spots which are still less explored. Here is a list of 5 such lesser known place in Meghalaya to visit.

Let us see what are the 5 lesser known places to visit in Meghalaya


1) Nongkhnum:-

This river island has no inhabitants. You will find only forests and the beautiful river in the 25 km wide area. It is the second largest river island in Asia. If you love quietude, Nongkhnum will seem to be the most charming place for you.

2)Mawphalamng sacred forest:-

Like other sacred grooves in the North eastern India, there are many indigenous plants found here which are grown with utmost care. This forest, protected by the locals, is 1000 years old. You can’t take anything from the 192 acres spanned forest away – not even a leaf or log. It is believed that if you do so, bad luck will follow you wherever you go.

3) Mawryngkhang village:-

This place will be surely loved by adventure freaks. Locals built a bridge over the Umrew river, with bamboo sticks. It takes 3 hours to complete the trek from both sides. It is undoubtedly one of the scariest trek of India.

4)Kongthong village:-

This should be in your must watch list in Meghalaya tour plan. It is an unique village in the globe where the villagers communicate with each other not through words but through whistles. Each and every resident of this “whistling village” has a separate tone of whistle as his or her name and is called by that. It will be a lifetime experience to witness the village.

5) Ialong Park:-

Located in Jowai, Ialong park is a breathtakingly beautiful spot. The view of entire Pynthorwah valley with the river flowing through it is simply splendid.

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