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Stephen Curry’s top 5 all time greatest performances

The three-time NBA champion has revolutionized the NBA with his 3-point shooting and he is the greatest at it, Let’s have a look at Curry’s best performances.

Stephen Curry has been the best point guard in the NBA for the past decade, his legacy has already been set as one of the best to ever do it. He has revolutionized the game with his remarkable three-shooting, he is the sole reason why the league now is so dependent on behind the arc shooting, and yet nobody is doing it how he does it. He is one of the toughest player to guard, he is within range right after he crosses half court, he has the speed to get past the defender to lay it up with many types of layup packages, and mainly he is the most dangerous when he does not have the ball as he constantly moves without the ball to get open looks.

Curry has been in the league for 13 years and is already a 3 times champion, 2 times MVP with one of them bein the sole unanimous MVP ever, he is 7 times all-star, 7 times All-NBA, 2 times 3point contest winner, a part of 50/40/90 club and holds numerous amounts of 3 points records. Let’s take a look at the greatest games he has ever played-


It was game 6 and KD was injured, it was up to the Splash Brothers and GSW to show what they were without KD, nothing was going according to the plan. Curry surprisingly went scoreless in the first half, it seemed like he could not shoot it in the ocean, with everyone roasting his performance in the first half and doubting that it was KD who was the main player, Curry turned into literal God Mode, he scored 33 points in just the 2nd half, 23 of his 33 points came in the crucial 4th quarter he shot his remarkable 4 acrobatic three and sunk in 11/11 free throws. With this virtuoso, GSW earned their 5th consecutive trip to the western conference finals.


Curry delivered 46 points and 6 assists in a thrilling match that went to overtime against KD’s OKC. This was Curry’s unanimous MVP year. He was at the heights of his power, He was 12/16 from three, GSW were down by 9 points despite Curry’s great shooting night with 3 minutes left in the game, they clawed their way back into the game with Klay and Draymond help. In overtime, Curry shocked everyone in the world by taking a buzzer-beater shot for the win from 35 ft. and guess what there is no bad shot for this man as he nails it in to continue their near perfect season of 73-9 record. This moment also gave us the rare double BANGS by commentator Mike Breen.



GSW were planning on being the only team to three-peat after Shaq-Kobe Lakers. But injury gods had other plans, KD who was at that time out with a certain calf injury could not play in crucial game 4, Klay Thompson was also injured with an ACL tear in his knees. Curry being the sole star and scorer alongside Draymond played exceptionally well, he scored 47 points on 14/31 from the field and 6/14 from behind the arc to go along with 8 rebounds and 7 assists. Unfortunately, his astounding performance would still end in a loss and ultimately losing in the finals.



Legacies are made in big games and this guy has plenty of it, including game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals against LeBron’s Cavaliers. This was a rematch after LeBron lost both his stars due to injury and also finals against GSW. Everyone wanted to see this rematch with full strength, GWS was leading the series 2-1, this was a must-win game to put away the Cavs. Curry again went off in the biggest stage, The back-to-back and first-ever unanimous league MVP scored 24 of his game-high 38 points in the second half, over the span of which he was a plus-22. Outside of four Klay Thompson free throws, he accounted for all of Golden State’s points in the final 5:56 of the contest. Even though Cavalier came ultimately won the series by doing what no team in history has ever done, winning the series after being down 3-1.

1. GAME 5 OF 2015 FINALS

The recurrence of great games in finals and yet some people have created the narrative of Curry being a no-show in clutch moments. The 2 times champion scored the most points ever scored in Finals history that also back-to-back. After LeBron carried his injured team to 2 wins, 7 times all-star decided to turn up the notch, he took over in the fourth. He scored 17 of his team-high 37 points in just over nine minutes of playing time in the final frame to lead the Dubs to a 104-91 win and won his first NBA finals ever, even after all thee great performances in the 2015 finals, it would be obvious for him to win the FMVP but it was given to a very controversial Iguodala mainly because he guarded LeBron James.