Small and Intimate affair- Weddings in the time of COVID-19


A big guest list was the part of almost every Indian wedding. Well we have to invite them because we went to their relative’s weddings some 5 years back! And so the list went on and on. But during the times of COVID-19 small and intimate weddings have taken over, downsizing the guest list has become the new normal. We can see the number of guests being reduced from 300 to 30.

But if we take a new angle these intimate weddings make so much more sense. Now the weddings are more about the bride and the groom and less about the other fancy things.

Couples are really enjoying weddings even they had to face a lot of difficulties and frustration at first. Getting married inside homes has also become very common now.

Many new trends are also being embraced in the times of COVID-19. From hair to makeup to food to decoration, everything is undergoing change. The new ‘I do’ is surely different but we are getting the hang of it.

Let’s see how you can still live your dream wedding in the times of COVID-19-


Home weddings

As mentioned earlier many couples are opting for home weddings. But even this experience can be made beautiful. Go for minimal decoration and organize sit-down dinners.  Lot of people will enjoy this more instead of long and tiring buffet lines. One great way of connecting with everyone is making the wedding live on YouTube or video calling your family and friends who cannot make it due to the pandemic.


If planning an outdoor wedding…

If you don’t want to have your D-day in the house then you can definitely opt for a open-air venue. This is a better option then closed halls as guest will not feel confined and social distancing norms can be easily followed. Keep the decoration simple and elegant so that you do not have to involve a lot of people. Have creative seating options that will look good and also follow social distancing norms. You can try the 360 degree seating arrangement or a theater like seating arrangement. Keep it simplistic yet elegant.


Hair and makeup

Hair and makeup are the most essential for any bride in the world. But this is where most of the contact is made. So take extreme care for sanitization and ensure that all your make-up artists are wearing their masks and PPE kits. As most of the rides have opted to wear masks we have seen a trend that more focus is being shifted to eye makeup. Well get your eyes talking beautiful brides!



Well you definitely want to skip the long buffet lines at your wedding because it can create crowds and thus increase the risk. Keep it low-key by having beautiful sit-down plated meals. Also show your guests how much you care about them by serving immunity boosting foods like healthy soups and salads.


Go digital

Many couples have live streamed their weddings so that no one really misses out. Surely we agree that it may not be the best experience but something is better than nothing. Ask your friends and families to record dances for your sangeet and sweet messages for your bidai. Even in these difficult times the boon of technology can help us stay connected.


The pandemic has been a heartbreaking time for many brides and grooms but there is a brighter side about getting married even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Make it more about you and your partner and less about who all are attending it. You can still have your dream wedding; you just need to bond on LOVE!