Lesser-known and interesting facts about Rajan Raheja

A prominent face in the catalog of Indian billionaires, Rajan Biharilal Raheja is an Indian businessman with a vast spectrum of industry investments. These are some of the facts about Rajan Raheja

Lets check out lesser-known and interesting facts about Businessperson Rajan Raheja.

A prominent face in the catalog of Indian billionaires, Rajan Biharilal Raheja is an Indian businessman with a vast spectrum of industry investments. With a tiny beginning in the construction business, Rajan now has his pointers in manufacturing corporations, security, agencies, lodgings, retail and wholesale, and software that make him the top businessmen in the country.


Inaugurating with building

Rajan Raheja was born to Dr. Biharilal S. Raheja,in 1953 in Mumbai. He finished his Bachelors in Commerce from the University of Mumbai after which he began his career in the building industry which he got from his father. Dr. Biharilal Raheja already had a powerful organization of a real estate firm in Mumbai. It was Rajan who inaugurated an industrial empire which is known altogether as the Rajan Raheja Group immersed in numerous industries. It was after clashes in family, Raheja penetrated into creating a distinct diversified kingdom. His preliminary curiosity was in building substance, precisely, cement and ceramic enterprise which later came out to a kingpin coeval.

A step ahead from cement and ceramics
When Raheja successfully stabilized his hold over ceramics and cement, Raheja trudged towards the battery market. This move demonstrated to be a masterstroke when Exide Batteries Ltd. appeared into validity by the founder Rajan Raheja. The industry indexed among the top battery corporations as it quickly became the highest peddled batteries. This turned Exide into the top business marketing with the manufacturing of batteries in India. Arriving in the plastic material commerce, Raheja Group and Supreme Industries Ltd was the ultimate program by the firm.

Other Sectors
Rajan has given rise to a mark on numerous core industry localities too distant from buildings. He then had his workers over the media enterprise and Outlook Publications came into his presence. Nowadays, Outlook attends to be the greatly mandating newspapers, magazines in the nation. He also broadened the media system with the launch of a cable corporation named Datacom Ltd. and Hathway Cable. Both corporations have received tremendous accomplishments for their assistance that is extensive. To amplify the prosperity of cord and network, Asianet Communications was also conventional which furnishes Kerala with cable assistance. After agencies and construction, Raheja infiltrated the protection market and software that enhanced his accomplishment stories. Rajan truly arrives with a dramatic career which is an enthusiasm for the entrepreneurs. He has gone through numerous casualties but has also steered a path out of it which renders it and emerges an aspiring history.

Beginning as a construction and real estate development corporation, the Raheja group presently encompasses a spectrum of business investments. They include:

Manufacturing companies
Prism Johnson Ltd. gave birth to three divisions, namely – (i) Prism Cement with two cement units, which has a collective generation capability of 7.0 million tonnes.
(ii)H&R Johnson (India) Ltd. is top-notch in ceramic tiles in the country. (iii) In 1996, RMC Readymix (India) Pvt. Ltd. was established as a joint investment of the Raheja group with RMC Group Plc of the United Kingdom. It is now a division of Prism Johnson Ltd. It employs 80 ready-mixed concrete factories in 35 cities/towns across the nation and is the third-largest concrete plant in India.

Exide Industries is the powerful denomination of batteries in the automobile and industrial arena. Indian biggest battery factory. The Corporation has a dispersion system encompassing over 4000 trader platforms. The Company has a market stake of 72% of Automotive OEM and 70% of Organized Retail. The firm also produces underwater batteries.