Do you know which are the top pizza brands in India?

We will present to you the list of the top seven pizza brands in India

Whenever we talk about pizza or see them, no matter our tummy is full will still feel hungry. Pizza is the most delicious and anytime Italian dish anyone would have. I’m sure you can’t wait more so let us look at the top seven brands of Pizza in India.

Top Seven Pizza Brands in India

1. Domino’s Pizza

It is the largest pizza seller across the world and widely known for its taste. In India, there are more than 1200 pizza outlets. Domino’s Pizza is the best-selling brand for which India is considered as the largest international market for the brand in the world.

2. Smokin’ Joe’s

This brand mainly runs in the metro cities of the country. It serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Smokin’ Joe’s first started in Mumbai and now it is across 12 cities in India.

3. Pizza Hut

This brand is owned by Yum Brands. It is one of the largest chains in the world and is known for its Italian cuisine. It is a popular brand worldwide after Domino’s.

4. California Pizza Kitchen

This brand offers the best California-style pizza in India. It has a speciality in serving BBQ Chicken Pizza.

5. Laziz Pizza

This brand was first started in Kolhapur and then spread to other parts of the country. Laziz pizza has around 80 stores in India at present. They are aiming to expand their brand internationally.

6. Pizza Express

This brand was founded in the United Kingdom (UK) and then spread in different parts of the world such as Indonesia, Europe and India. In India, it has outlets in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangaluru and is soon targeting to expand it internationally.

7. Oven Story Pizza

Oven Story Pizza provides local flavours and Indian ingredients in their pizza which gives a unique experience to their customers. It is currently running in a lot of cities in India.

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