Conor McGregor top 5 fights

Conor went 22-6 in his UFC career and 0-1 in his boxing career, Let’s take a look at his “NOTORIOUS” career.

Conor “notorious” McGregor has been the most famous personality in his sports, thanks to him the audience of UFC increased by a lot, his trash-talking, quick trike, knockout power punches, and showmanship has always been at the top, he is one of the greatest UFC fighter who ever lived. He is one of only 3 people to ever hold the Featherweight championship belt, and one of 9 people ever to lift the lightweight title. Conor has done that no fighter in UFC history has ever done i.e to hold two titles simultaneously, only 3 fighters ever have earned titles in two different weight classes let alone at the same time. Conor’s 13 second knockout on Jose Aldo is recorded as the fastest title fight in UFC history. The Irish man became so popular that he was able to challenge the undefeated boxer Floyd Money Mayweather in a boxing match. In his long career of 13 years has had its ups and downs but has more of Ups and now let’s take a look at his to 5 fights.

5. Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather


The Notorious challenge the Money to take on a fight in his own sports i.e boxing, knowing that Floyd has been undefeated and no other fighter of the era comes even close to his brilliance in boxing, he still challenged him to a boxing fight. This was one of the most hyped matches ever, it was the best of boxing against the best of UFC, even though Floyd played around with the Irish man for 10 rounds, we can’t help but appreciate the fight that Conor put up against the undefeated boxer. He was able to land 11 punches on the greatest defense of all time, this was more than recently retired Pacquiao. Conor did eventually gassed out and was TKO’d in the 10th round, but he still put up a show for the whole world. He also earned more than 100 million dollars which is way above what a UFC fighter earns

4.  Conor McGregor vs Chad Mendes

Conor at the heights of his power was unstoppable, he just returned from an Achilles injury and came back to the sport he loves, he had a fight champion Jose Aldo but due to his injury, he was given a chance to fight for the interim featherweight championship. He was up against the masterful wrestler, whose main advantage is to strike his opponents in a grapple, as of now in Conor’s career he has only fought guys who were first strikers, thus this poised the question if Conor could handle the weight and size of Chad. He was able to take down Conor in the first round successfully and landed hard punches which led to bleeding of Conor, but as the round went on and 2nd round started Chad gas tank emptied and it was the chance for the Irishman to take advantage, after several combinations of punches he was able to get him with a hard left straight punch that sent Chad down for a KO and thus McGregor became the featherweight champion.

3. Conor vs Nate Diaz II

Nate Diaz has been known to give it all on the floor, he has shed so much blood but never gave up in the octagon, he gave McGregor his first-ever defeat in UFC. In the first fight, Conor was too confident in his abilities which led to his guard down, Nate took down Conor and made submit to him in the 2nd round for a big upset. In the 2nd fight, we saw a more focused and furious Conor, he won the first round scoring a knockdown and nagging kicks to his thighs which was a big difference in the fight but Nate being Nate after losing 2 rounds he clawed his way back into the fight and stretched it to a 5 round match. The outcome was Conor ending up with his hand raised in a sweet victory against a warrior Nate Diaz.

2. Conor vs Eddie Alvarez

This was the fight of his life, Conor made history, he became the first-ever fighter to have 2 titles simultaneously to his name. Only 3 fighters have won titles at different weight classes but Conor did it simultaneously. After dominating in the 145lb he challenged the martial arts specialist Alvarez for the lightweight title. Conor dominated the fight with 40 total punches and 32 significant strikes compared to Alvarez’s just 12 punches and 9 significant strikes. The Irishman’s speed and left jabs were too much for the Martial-arts specialist, in the first round he dropped Alvarez on numerous occasions. McGregor looked comfortable and at ease the whole time. His left hand demonstrated that mythological like power. When Alvarez would strike, Conor would disappear. And when Alvarez was done, McGregor was right back in his face. The fight ended in the second round from an incredible combination from McGregor. He landed four to five consecutive shots, leaving Alvarez defenseless. Here’s a video of McGregor being McGregor

1. Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo

Another record was set by the Notorious on this night. He took on the pound for pound king on 12th December 2015, he took down one of the best fighters in just 13 SECONDS, which is till now the fastest knockout in UFC history till now. This solidified his legacy as one of the best ever to step into the octagon.