Bigg Boss: Top controversies from season 13 you should know


Bigg Boss and controversies have become synonymous over the span of 14 years. Amongst all the seasons, the thirteenth season was arguably the most controversial one. There were demands to ban this season as it was showing “high level of vulgarity” that made it difficult for the audience to “watch the channel in a homely atmosphere.” It had every element to raise TRP, false accusations, ugly fights, personal attack, angry Salman walking off the show and what not.

Let us have a look on the top 5 controversies of Bigg Boss season 13.

1. Bigg Boss 13 witnessed the worst fights ever. The biggest example were the fights between Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz. They would get into fights every now and then, whether there would be any rational issue or not. It was Riaz who would intentionally provoke Shukla, while Sidharth would often get into physical fights, which is strictly prohibited in Bigg Boss. If was really a surprise for the viewers that Sidharth was not evicted despite violating the rule time and again. Riaz fans even questioned the transparency of the show accusing Colors channel of being partial towards Shukla. Riaz, Shukla had a major clash with his ex-colleague Rashami Desai too, when the two threw mud at each other.

2. Some female contestants of Bigg Boss 13 used the women’s card cunningly for their benefits. During the Snake and Ladder task, Devoleena’s act aroused controversy among the contestants. She trapped Sidharth Shukla by threatening him to accuse him under the powerful #MeToo movement for sexual assault, if he touches her. It was not the only time that the ladies inside the house took advantage of this movement. Farah Khan criticized Devoleena for misusing such a serious movement like #MeToo.

3. Scriptwriter Siddharth Dey was surprisingly evicted midnight mid week because of his tendency to badmouth female contestants frequently that angered the viewers as well as Salman Khan. Sidharth would use derogatory words like ‘Mujhe Sheela Jeet ki zaroorat nahi hai’ or ‘Paras ki thooki huyi’, crossing all his limits. Siddharth Dey had worked with Salman Khan earlier, and had good rapport with him. Maybe the makers wanted to send the viewers a message of ‘transparency of the show’ by evicting him, where neither his professional nor personal connections helped.

4. Shefali Bagga was highly criticized by Salman Khan on Weekend Ka Vaar for her comment on Shenaz Gill’s character. During the Snakes and Ladder task, Shefali, who was supposed to be a friend of Shehnaz, switched sides and said, “Yeh ladko ko choo rahi hai, chipak rahi hai.”This offensive statement was not accepted well by audience as as well as the host.

5. Salman Khan, who had been a show host since 10 years, decided to quit the show, aggravated with the season’s on going scenario. Salman even called the first week of Bigg Boss season 13 as the most explosive week. During Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman said in a satirical manner that it was the first time in the history of Bigg Boss where everyone was wrong. Irritated with the participants wrangling over petty issues, Salman even walked off the stage.

These were the top 5 controversies that Bigg Boss 13 viewers witnessed.

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