Best 5 movies of Chris Hemsworth- The Thor-Actor

As soon as we see Chris Hemsworth in any of the movies, his iconic role of Thor, his character, his attributes flashes in our mind. It indeed is super hard to eliminate Thor from Chris Hemsworth. Apart from being the Thunder God, he has given us a number of watchable movies. He has diverse roles and his performances are a delight to watch. So, if you are a fan of Chris Hemsworth and you are wanting to see his amazing performances other than Thor, then here is a list for you.

You have seen him as an action hero, you should check him out as a comic and drama hero as well.

Check out the best movies of Chris Hemsworth that will impress you to the core. Let’s Go.


You can not imagine The Fierce Thunder God, to come on screen and crack you up with the perfectly timed comedy. He was cast in the sequel of the 1983 comedy movie starring Chevy Chase, and he proved that he can be a comedy hero effortlessly. This movie is somewhat similar to its prequel, where Wally World, just like his dad did, grown-up Rusty Griswold talked his family on a road trip. He stops by his sister’s house and that’s when we see Chris Hemsworth, playing the role of a wealthy entrepreneur and his sister’s husband. Overall, this movie isn’t the best in this genre, however, Chris will bring the laughs with merely his onscreen appearance.

Bad Times At The El Royale

If you want to look at Chris Hemsworth like never before, then check this movie out. It has shocking twists and the bold indulgence of getting down and dirty. His character Billy Lee is incredibly played by him and he does stand out in the group, not only for his acting skills but because he is one of the tallest and the most handsome actors in the ensemble. Along with Chris, this movie also features Jeff Bridges, Dakota Johnson, Cynthia Erivo, and more such actors that together rule the silver screen. This indeed is a must-watch movie.

The Avengers

Though we said we will be talking about movies other than Thor, we cannot miss this movie in which he stars as Thor. This movie and all its parts are just a delight to watch. If you love the MCU, you would love to watch all the superhero ensembling and working together. The story, the screenplay, the performances, and the action, everything in this movie is spot on. So, grab a bowl of popcorn and binge-watch this Marvel miracle.

The Cabin in The Woods

This movie is spooky, chilling, and will surely give you goosebumps. Before starring in the Bad Times at El Royale and The Avenger, young Chris was cast in this movie, back in 2011. This movie has similarities with the movie Scream, which was aired in 1996, where a group of characters is followed by the ghostly encounters. This movie is notch-higher. A group of college students steps out in the wild in an isolated cabin and experience disturbing events. Chris plays the role of one of the college students. We won’t give you any of the spoilers, it is an amazing movie with gripping twists, check it out.


It is based on the life story of the formula 1 races, James, who unfortunately died before seeing his movie and his role played by none other than Chris Hemsworth. It revolves around the rivalry playboy James Hunt and Australian racer Niki Lauda, as this was the most talked about thing in the formula 1 world. It is a good movie to watch.

These were some of the amazing performances of the Thor Actor, probably the best movies of Chris Hemsworth.


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