Best 10 tourism attraction to visit in Assam for every nature lover

Here are the top ten tourism spots for your next trip to Assam.


Assam, a northeast state of India well known for its wildlife, archaeological sites, and tea plantations. It is a land of plains and river valleys. An average temperature range in the state attracts a lot of tourists. Hers’s a list of must-visit tourist places in Assam.

Kaziranga National Park

It is home to the largest population of the one-horned rhino on earth. It treasures a larger variety of flora and fauna. Other than the one-horned rhino, Asiatic elephants, wild water buffalo, leopards, and Royal Bengal tigers are found. It is also a migratory location for birds like black- nested stork, the lesser white- goose, Ferruginous duck, and Baer’s pochard duck. One can experience safaris and elephant rides too. 


The city is famously regarded as the ‘Gateway to North- East’. It is the largest city of Assam. Umananda Temple, Kamakhya Temple, Umananda Island, Guwahati Zoo, and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the must-visit places.


It is the world’s largest freshwater island. It is well known for its lush greenery, a pristine, and pollution-free atmosphere. Kamalabari Satra, Dakhinpat Satra, Garmur, Tengapania, and Auniati Satra are some of the places to visit.


It is popularly referred to as the ‘Tea City of India’. It is emerging in the field of communication and industries. Dinjoy Satra, Dehing Namti Satra, Raidongia Dol, Barbarua Maidam, and rafting in the Brahmaputra are the look-out activities in the city. 


It is well known as the ‘Land of the Satras’. Some of the must-visit places are, the Baroeta Satra, Sundariya Satra, Dargah of Syed Shahnur Dewan, Beki river, and the Brahmaputra river.

Manas National Park

It is a UNESCO National World Heritage site, a Project Tiger Reserve, an Elephant Reserve and Biosphere Reserve in Assam. It is famous for its rare golden langur and the red panda. Manas is one of the best- kept national parks in India with a range of forested hills, alluvial grasslands, and tropical evergreen forests. 


It is a multi-faith pilgrimage center that holds its uniqueness in being an attraction for three religions namely, Hindu, Muslims, and Buddhists. Some of the must-visit places are Hajo Powa Mecca, Hayagriva Madhava Temple, Kedareswar Temple, Kamesware Temple, and Deva Bhavana. 


It is a historic tourist attraction where there are imprints of the Ahom dynasty. Talatal Ghar, Rang Ghar, Ahom Museum, Charaideo, and Shivadol are some of the places to visit in town.


The city is famous for its culture, mosques, tombs, gardens and tea plantations. Hoolongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Dhekiakhowa Bor Namghar, Nimati Ghat, Raja Maidam, and Cinnamora Tea estates are some of the must-visit places.


It is a gateway to the Barak Valley, which is referred to as the island of peace. Kasper, Dolu Lake, Maniharan Tunnel, Badar fort, and Bhubaneshwar temple are the must-visit places. 

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