7 life lessons that we can take from Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 14 is going to air on Indian television from 4th of October. But the show has already created a lot of buzz among their fans and viewers. Here are 7 life lessons that one can take from Bigg Boss show.

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular show on Indian television with the highest TRP rating. Every year, the show airs on Indian Television for 3 months. The show begins from the month of October and goes off air in Mid December or January. In the span of three months, the show tops the rating list and becomes a hit. The show never let down their fans when it comes to entertainment or gossips. This year too the show is in buzz and fans are really excited for the premier. With every promo or teaser, the show is creating more buzz among fans. This year is going to be the 14th season of the show. Besides being a hit, the show has now became an emotion for its fans and viewers. The show not only entertains but also teaches important life lessons.


Let’s  find out 7 Life Lessons that we can take from the show “Bigg Boss”


1) Adapting to new Changes with positive attitude; 

First lesson, one should take from Bigg Boss is that, one should always be ready to except changes in life. We cannot live in our comfort zone forever. One should know that how to adapt with these changes. Like in Bigg boss, celebrities and famous personalities participate and in the house they are compelled to do things that they never thought of.


2) Having Emotional Intelligence;

It’s very essential for one to know their emotions very well and handle them accordingly. One should have the ability to control and monitor one’s own emotions. Many times people around us ought to take advantages of our emotions. Being matured when handling emotions is very important, especially when you are around a set of completely different people and environment. As in Bigg Boss, most of the contestants lack in emotional intelligence and lose it in front of others, while others having control over it, reache the finals.


3)  Having Social Intelligence:

Third lesson one can take from Bigg Boss, is being capable of having a transparent knowledge about different people in society, and in oneself. How to interact with different personalities and learning from those experience is something one should be knowing. In Bigg Boss, we have often seen that one person gets the highest number of nomination votes by other housemates while one doesn’t  even get a single. Most of the time it is because of game playing, but many a times it’s because of one having high social intelligence.


4) Knowing all Households and domestic work irrespective of gender:

Bigg Boss house is the only place in the country, where gender equality is very transparent and visible. While this should be happening at every place in the world. In Bigg Boss house, all the household and domestic works are divided among housemates. We can see men doing flooring, cleaning and cooking, while female contentants in the house give a strong competition during tasks, both mentally and physically. No one is less, no one is more.


5) Being non- judgemental towards other;

Most of the time when we come across new people, we tend to judge them by their appearance , but that’s not right. In Bigg Boss, from the beginning, we start judging them when we see them interacting with the host Salman khan. But with course of time our first impression changes drastically. The person we think would will never betray me, becomes the one to take my name in the nomination room.


6) Leadership quality:

Every year Bigg Boss comes up with different, challenging yet entertaining tasks for contestants. But most of them lose it in the very beginning , while some other lead the task. Having leadership quality is not mandatory, but yet everyone should know how to lead when it comes to challenges or tasks in our own personal life.


7) Having high Competitive and will power ;

In Bigg boss as said, contestans are given tasks and  challenges every week in order to earn food and captaincy for the house. Some contestants, even after loosing all the rounds of task never gives up and fight till end, while on other hand, some gives up very early. In life, we came across many hurdles but if we have high will power and competitive nature we can overcome them.