Top 5 most popular seafoods of Andaman and Nicobar islands you must try

Andaman and Nicobar islands are awe-inspiringly beautiful placees to visit. The foods available here are equally fantastic. It is a Seafood lover’s paradise. Here is the ultimate list of top 5 seafood dishes to try in Andaman and Nicobar islands that you will regret not trying.

Let us see what are the top 5 seafoods of Andaman and Nicobar islands you must try.


1) Fish Curry:-

The spicy curry of freshly caught fish will make you crave for more. The fish is marinated with special spices for 2 days and cooked following traditional recipe. It is served with steamed rice.

2) Macher Jhol:-

As Andaman and Nicobar islands are filled with Bengali people, finding Bengali restaurants at random is not unusual here. Macher jhol is a pretty common Bengali food, but what’s special is the spices used. If you have tasted macher jhol in Bengal before, you will surely get the difference.

3) Coconut prawn curry:-

It is probably the best authentic seafood available in Andaman. The luscious prawns cooked in creamy coconut milk is surely a treat for the tastebuds.

4) Tandoori Fish:-

It is a really mouth watering dish that will take your food experience to a high notch. The fresh fish is covered with authentic spices and cooked in tandoor.

5) Grilled Lobsters:-

It surely is every seafood lover’s delight. Again, this common seafood dish tastes a bit different i Andaman due to the spices used. But you won’t regret having Grilled Lobsters here, specially if you visit restaurants like Red Snapper, Bonova cafe, Anju Coco or Golden spoon.

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