5 most popular dishes to have in Meghalaya

Meghalaya offers foods with totally distinct taste to the travelers that marks the tradition of Khasi, Garo and Jaintia tribes. If you want to experience the ethnic cuisine of Northeastern India, you must try the following 5 most popular dishes of Meghalaya

Let us see what are the 5 most popular dishes to have in Meghalaya


1) Doh-Khlieh:-

You must try this traditional delectable pork salad at least once in your lifetime if you call yourself a ‘non veg lover’. Made from pig head, brain and simple ingredients like onion, ginger, chili and tomato, this Khasi delicacy is really unforgettable.

2) Pukhlein:-

This sweet rice flour bread tastes simply delicious. It is easy to prepare also. Made with only rice flour and cane sugar, this fluffy breads complements great with fuming tea.

3) Doh-Neiiong:-

This pork dish will surely take your food experience to a higher level. This pork dish, cooked with black sesame, is a favorite delicacy of Northeastern India. It is easy to prepare also.

4) Minil-Songa:-

It is a tastily scrumptious sticky rice preparation. Minil rice is cooked in fresh bamboo to prepare this traditional cuisine. As it has a high amount of starch, it helps to cure constipation.

5) Jadoh:-

In Khasi language, Ja means rice and Doh means meat. Very less oil is used as the dish is prepared in pork fat. You can call it the Meghalayan equivalent of Biryani though the spices used are totally different. It is the most popular dish during Khasi festivals.