Top 5 most famous foods you must try in Kerala

Kerala cuisine is famous for tasty seafoods as well as purely vegetation delicacy without onion and garlic. Here is the list of 5 most famous foods of Kerala that you just can’t afford to miss when you visit this God’s own country.

Let us see what are the top 5 most famous foods you must try in Kerala

1) Ela Sadya:-

It is the most famous leaf meal of Kerala in which rice and various curries are served on a banana leaf. This traditional strictly vegetation platter is essentially prepared on occasions like weddings and auspicious ceremonies.

2) Karimeen Pollichathu:-

This lip smacking fried fish is an amazing way to satisfy you cravings for non veg dishes. The fresh “Karimeen” or chromide fish is marinated with shallot masala and baked in banana leaf. This traditional delicacy of Alleppey is really worth trying.

3) Kallumakkaya Ularthiyathu:-

This spicy mussel dish is a speciality of Malabar. It is prepared in a unique way in the Kallu Shappu (Toddy shops). So you must try it from there.

4) Ethakka Appam:-

It’s the ultimate Keralite snack you must have here. The crisp banana fries served with fuming tea will surely blow your mind.

5) Erachi Varutharacha curry:-

This authentic meat curry is an delightful rendition from Kerala. “Varutharacha” means roasted in Malayalam. A variety of spices are roasted along with coconut and added to the curry to give it a traditional taste. It is generally served with idiyappam.

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