10 food items that resemble Bollywood actors

Here are some delicacies which resemble the these iconic Bollywood stars.

Are you a fan of food and Bollywood actors? Then check out which food item resembles your favorite Bollywood star.

Butter Chicken- Amitabh Bachchan

The legendary actor is compared to butter chicken, as this food is globally accepted and loved.

Dal Makhani- Shah Rukh Khan

Dal Makhani is the best side dish that compliments every meal and you chump on it over and over again just like Shah Rukh’s acting and movies.

Salad- Akshay Kumar

No meal is complete and satisfied without salad as like the actor who keeps the mood light and fresh.

Cheese burst pizza- Salman Khan

Sometimes junking on bad feels good as one can’t resist that amazing delight. So, is the bad boy Salman Khan.

Chaat- Deepika Padukone

The actress’s hot and spicy looks and lifestyle resemble her to everyone’s all-time favorite chaat.

Dum Biryani- Aamir Khan

Dum Biryani takes a long time to prepare and is consumed once in a while as like Aamir’s well-scripted movies.

White sauce pasta- Katrina Kaif

White sauce pasta has a bland taste unlike Indian food but its a continental dish accepted and loved by all as like the foreign beauty Katrina Kaif.

Plain Rice- Farhan Akhtar

Plain rice tastes best with any combination as the actor who blends perfectly in all the characters or roles.

Bhatoora– Sonakshi Sinha

Bhatoora is swollen and heavy but we like it as, the actress charm and acting.

Chutney- Sharma Joshi

Chutney isn’t the main dish but it definitely complicates and enhances the overall meal taste just like the actor’s elegant acting.

Disclaimer: This post is made with our love and affection towards our celebrities. We have no intention to hurt anyone’s emotions.

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