FACT CHECK: Ram Mandir Inauguration: Photo of Lord Ram at Times Square turns out Fake

The viral pictures of Lord Ram’s pictures all over the New York City’s Times Square billboards, has turned out to be fake.

While India commemorates the laying of the foundation stone at the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, word has it that the iconic Times Square in New York was filled with pictures of Lord Ram. The social media, today, was filled with pictures of the times square broadcasting Lord Ram’s pictures.


It has been claimed that these images were beamed at the billboards of New York City’s iconic Times Square before the beginning of the ‘bhoomi puja’ at Ram Janmabhoomi.

However, several media agencies like Times of India and The Quint reported that these images were in fact fake. “The original image was flipped and and then digitally altered to make it look like Lord Ram adorned Times Square”, quoted the Times of India.

Image Courtesy: Times of India

Both these media agencies have also found out the source of these images and the website through which such fake images can be digitally manufactured.

Image Courtesy: The Quint

In the image above, the Quint has tried to create another doctored image using the  same template as it has been used by the the ones who have posted the picture with Lord Ram.

These pictures of Lord Ram were claimed to be shown on Times Square billboards ahead of the ‘bhoomi pujan’ today at Ayodhya. Such misinformation, which is prone to become a Whatsapp or a Facebook forward, has largely been de-bunked by the media agencies across the nation.