Fact Check: Lockdown to be imposed from 15th June in India, Trains and flight operations will be suspended is fake news

A rumour claiming the government will implement nationwide lockdown from 15th June and suspend flight and train operations has been circulating over the internet across all social media platform. Yesterday, the official media arm of the government Press Information Bureau (PIB) clarified that the rumour is false and it is fake news.

The rumour contains a maliciously edited image depicting ‘Breaking News’ from a TV channel. The image says “As indicated by Home Ministry there is a possibility of complete lockdown, train and flight operations will be suspended.”

PIBFact Check, the official twitter account for clarifying such false claims on the internet said that it was fake news. It urged the citizens to be cautious of such misleading images.

We request you not to fall prey to Fake News. Always look for clarification from official sources on such topics.



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