Fact Check: Instagram and Twitter suspends @F**kBJP social media handle

Popular Instagram handle with more than 144K followers on Instagram, FuckBJP has been removed from Instagram and Twitter. This page as the name suggests strongly condemned the actions of Indian Political Party, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) with its posts.

3 days ago a Twitter handle, @alloutlefties handled by Ansh posted a thread where he talked about FuckBJP becoming a cyberbully and posted few screenshots supporting the same. He claims that FuckBJP had private information like contact numbers and photographs and threatened to “doxx” it(publishing private information on the internet). According to the thread, FuckBJP threatened Ansh and other Twitter handles- @SIKEnicki, @sedboihourz and @khaldrogo867.


Check out the Twitter thread below:


Other accounts @inaayasays and @feministcrownedflower have also been suspended for unknown reasons. We do not know if the suspension of this account is a threat to freedom of speech and expression or cyberbullying in the guise of freedom of speech.