Coronavirus a bacteria? False

Italian doctors suggest that everything we know about the virus might not be true

Italian doctors have claimed that WHO has hatched a conspiracy to mislead people about the disease, vaccinate everyone and reduce world population.

Among other claims, Italian scientists says Coronavirus is not a virus but bacteria, and antibiotics can cure COVID-19. It also says that the major cause of death in COVID-19 is thrombosis or blood clot and not pneumonia. Multiple claims made and most of them are found to be misleading.

The first claim by the Italians is that” Coronavirus is not a virus but bacteria that cause death. Anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics can cure COVID-19”.

Senior Practitioner Dr. Sharad Joshi calling this an IDIOT syndrome. Here IDIOT is termed as Internet derived information obstructing treatment. Social media information is misleading people. Scientifically speaking, there is no role of antibiotics in treating Coronavirus, but these antibiotics are administered to resist secondary or collateral bacterial infections. Hence, it is clear that antibiotics are given to COVID-19 patients to resist secondary bacterial infections that can coexist with Coronavirus. These antibiotics are not effective against the novel Coronavirus.

The second claim is that “The major cause of death in COVID-19 is thrombosis or blood clot and not pneumonia.”

Breaking News: —MAJOR CAUSE OF DEATH IN COVID-19 IS THROMBOSIS NOT PNEUMONIA———Thanks to 50 autopsies…

Posted by Prabha Singh on Thursday, May 14, 2020

To counter this claim scientists from WHO and studies from the Netherlands and France suggest that clots form in 20-30 per cent of critically ill COVID-19 patients. Treatment to that (thrombosis) is given on a case-to-case basis this cannot be a blanket treatment to all corona cases. There is no scientific evidence that says thrombosis is the major cause of death for COVID-19 patients or anticoagulant drugs are the only medicine for treating Coronavirus patients.

The third claim made is “Ventilators and intensive care units are never needed to treat COVID-19 patients.”

According to all senior medical practitioners, COVID-19 patients with critical respiratory illness or multi-organ or renal failure are often treated in ICU and ventilators. But not all Coronavirus patients require ICU and ventilators.

So it can be concluded that this viral but vague conspiracy theory about WHO misleading doctors in treating Coronavirus to control world population is false and claims made by Italian doctors and scientists are also misleading.

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