WATCH: Red Chilli and Red Cherry in one frame – Sara Ali Khan shares backstage moments of IIFA 2023 along with Rakhi Sawant

Recently Sara Ali Khan has shared a funny video of her with all time entertainer Rakhi Sawant. In the video both the beauties are seen wearing red colored outfit making them look absolutely amazing. In the video Sara is seen coming out of her dressing room and suddenly bumped in Rakhi Sawant. The duo was seen screaming being startled.

Sara asked, “Tume ne bhi red pehna red? (You are also wearing red?). To which Rakhi replied, “Haan… I am a red chilli (Yes, I’m a red chilli). Responding to this Sara said, “I am a red cherry.” Rakhi gave a funny reply saying, “Haan, mai puri cake lagri hu aur tum mere upar cherry (Yes, I am looking like a cake and you are looking like a cherry on me).

To this Sara made a sad face saying, “Baby tujhe paap lagega,” (You will be tainted with sin) referring to the title of her new song from her upcoming movie ‘Zara Hatke Zara Bachke’ starring Sara Ali Khan and Vicky Kaushal. The movie is scheduled to be released on 2nd June, this year. Rakhi said, “Mujhe paap lagega? Lagne do. Mai tumhare gaane pe dance karungi aur apne upar bahut sara paap lagaungi (Will I be tainted with sin? Well, I will dance to your dance and accept all the sin).

Sara and Rakhi are seen grooving to the new music later the video ended with Rakhi lifting Sara.