AI-based fintech startup Afinoz is the most promising brand at Idea Fest 2019 | Business Upturn

AI-based fintech startup Afinoz is the most promising brand at Idea Fest 2019

Afinoz, an AI-based fintech startup based in India, was awarded “The Most Promising Brand of 2019 in the field of Diversified Financial Services” by WCRCINT+ and White Page International, two highly distinguished Brand Research and Consulting firms, on September 5th at the Ideasfest Awards Gala in New Delhi. Conducted by ibrands360 Brand Architecture, Asia’s Most Promising Brands is the largest brand equity research and awards in the continent. This award also commends Afinoz’s growing popularity among consumers.

Afinoz is a digitalized financial advisor and marketplace, which prides itself on providing the best deals for consumers. Their offered products include personal loans, business loans, mortgages, credit cards, wealth management and a variety of others. Their focus is on complete automation of the financial process to allow hassle-free and efficient interaction between banks, lenders, and borrowers.


Only last week Afinoz’s app has crossed 1 Lakh downloads and they are looking forward to capitalizing big on that. Also this year, Afinoz begins its operations in the US, where they will focus its efforts on personal loan disbursements through credit unions and other lenders and gradually expanding to the product diversity level of its Indian counterpart. The company plans to continue prioritizing its customer care and security to enable seamless financial solutions in the US.