Zee Media to launch subsidiary focused on spirituality and wellbeing

Zee Media announced on June 14 that it will establish a wholly-owned subsidiary to explore the intersection of ancient Indian scriptures and modern science. The new entity will focus on content related to spirituality, mindfulness, and wellbeing, using digital and other media platforms.

The board has approved this strategic move, aiming to tap into the growing interest in these areas. By combining ancient knowledge with modern science, the subsidiary seeks to carve out a unique niche in the infotainment space, providing valuable content to a global audience and contributing to the company’s growth and diversification.


Zee Media plans to subscribe to 10,000 equity shares of Rs 10 each for the proposed subsidiary and will initially invest Rs 1 lakh. The company also plans to infuse further funds in one or more tranches as needed.

Shares of Zee Media saw a slight dip after the announcement, trading 1.07% lower at ₹163.29 as of 11:50 am.