Wreck: Release date, Trailer, plot, first looks and so much more!


You’ll experience shivers and thrills with Wreck on BBC3. and induce laughter! Nobody can hear you cry in the middle of the ocean, and that is undoubtedly true for the victims of the horrifying murders that took place on board The Sacramentum cruise liner.

Formerly known as Wrecked but lately renamed Wreck, the programme has been categorised as a comedy with elements of a slasher film. Oscar Kennedy, who previously starred in Ladhood, plays Jamie, a 20-year-old guy who is anxious to learn what happened to his missing sister on the boat.

He needs to infiltrate the 3000 strong team, who seem to be utterly unaware of the horrible killings going on right in front of them. Jamie plays detective in the upcoming film Wrecked to discover the evil truth.

Check out these first looks from on board The Sacramentum in the photographs above and below for the six-part series that was recorded in Northern Ireland. There doesn’t seem to be much holiday cheer on this cruise, judging by how much blood is in some of them!


Wreck Release date

As part of the BBC’s Autumn TV schedule, the six-episode series Wreck will begin airing weekly on BBC3 on Sunday, October 9, 2022. From that October 9 air date forward, all six episodes will also be made available as a box set on BBCiPlayer. When we get the US channel and global release date for Wreck, keep an eye on this space, and we’ll keep you updated.


Wreck Trailer

No trailer for Wreck has been released yet.


Wreck Plot

In Wreck, Oscar Kennedy plays 20-year-old Jamie, who is searching desperately for his sister who has vanished. She disappeared mid-charter while working onboard The Sacramentum on a trip. In order to uncover information about his sister’s abduction, Jamie enlists as a new member and must join the 3,00-person crew.

Jamie is indoctrinated into the enigmatic practices of cruise crews and receives a crash education in the tribes among the staff as he adjusts to life on The Sacramentum. It quickly becomes apparent that the crew is divided into distinct tribes, including the mafias, theatre students, and low-paid labourers. However, they all share the traits of being overworked and underpaid.

As the crew engages in significant drinking and excess, Jamie learns that several gruesome deaths are occurring aboard the ship while everyone else seems unaware of them. Jamie is therefore compelled to adopt a detective persona in an effort to identify the culprit.


Wreck Cast

In the 2010 television series Toast, rising sensation Oscar Kennedy first appeared as the young Nigel Slater. He then went on to play Henry Tudor in The White Queen and Edward Turner in the television series Hunted. Oscar has also appeared in Ladhood, Outlander, The Politician’s Husband, and Home from Home. He appeared in the post-apocalyptic film School’s Out Forever last year.

In Wreck, Thaddea portrays Vivian. She is most recognised for her role as Kat in the BBC1 drama series Us, which also starred Saskia Reeves and Tom Hollander. She appeared in the TV series The Irregulars and as Bel in Doctor Who.

Jack Rowan, who gained notoriety as Callum MacGregor in the popular BBC1 drama Noughts + Crosses, plays Danny in Wreck. In addition, he portrayed boxer youngster Bonnie in Peaky Blinders and acted in the Channel 4 drama Born To Kill, as well as the films Boys from County Hell and Adulting.

Wreck is a fantastic ensemble cast of youthful performers. Karen is portrayed by Harriet Webb, while Sophia is portrayed by Alice Nokes, a former EastEnders and Game of Thrones cast member. Jodie Tyack, who co-starred with Jack Rowan in Noughts + Crosses, plays Pippa alongside newcomers Louis Boyer, Anthony Rickman, and Diego Andres. Along with Miya Ocego, who plays Rosie, Amber Grappy, the star of the Sky Atlantic series The Baby, also makes an appearance.

The adult cast includes Louis Boyer as Sam, Harriet Webb as Karen, and Warren James Dunning as Beaker.