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Upper Rank 5 demon Gyokko is the dangerous devil in the Swordsmith Village arc

The third season of Demon Slayer has been released and each episode is aired every Sunday on Crunchyroll and later streamed on Netflix. As the story is taking a terrific turn, the Upper Rank 5 demon has made its startling appearance in the anime and it seems like this will be the toughest demon to fight so far.


Gyokko has some distinct features to him while his appearance being a major perplexion. With his body being solely attached to a vase and having numerous baby-like hands, he seems quite disturbing. This demon has a green-coloured mouth in place of his eyes while his forehead consists of a big-sized eye with his rank being written over it.


Being in the fifth position among the twelve Kizuki, Gyokko can easily convert into his original form as a merman. In the fourth episode of the Swordsmith Village arc, he produced multiple fish-like creatures and sent them to destroy the village. These creatures also have some distinguishing traits such as strong nails, and horrifying teeth and they can regenerate if cut down, but they can only perish if struck on a base behind their back.


Gyokko’s blood demon art enables him to take out assorted creatures from his porcelain vase and has quick reflexes that even Tokito cant handle. He is also able to generate water from his vase and choke anyone making it difficult for them to use breathing techniques. It will be thrilling to watch the ferocious combat between Tokito Muichiro that will perhaps emerge in the coming episodes.