The Old Man Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and all we know so far


Starring a boomer is one of TV’s top new espionage programmes this year. The launch of FX’s The Old Man proved that you don’t need a 25-year-old Instagram sensation as your lead to have a major hit; it rapidly became FX’s most-watched programme on Hulu and the most-watched cable series opener of the year. FX made the fast (and wise) choice to renew the programme for Season 2 since it was one of the greatest new series of the year.

Jeff Bridges plays Dan Chase in The Old Man, a former CIA agent who is pulled out of hiding when a former foe seeks retribution on him. Dan’s old buddy and FBI Assistant Director Harold Harper, played by John Lithgow, is in charge of bringing him in. The Old Man is a classic thriller with lots of action and surprises that makes us anxious for Season 2.

The Old Man Season 2 Release Date

On June 27, 2022, not long after The Old Man’s third episode aired, FX placed a second season order. There is no release date set for a second season, but we are expecting that it will air somewhere in the summer of 2023 if the show continues on its current annual schedule.

The Old Man Season 2 Cast

The Old Man Season 1 concluded with many tales yet unfinished, so it goes without saying that Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow will come back, along with the majority of the key actors. Agent Raymond Waters (E.J. Bonilla), who didn’t make it out of the finale alive, will most likely not be back for Season 2.

The Old Man Main Cast

  • Jeff Bridges as Dan Chase / Johnny Kohler
  • John Lithgow as Harold Harper
  • Alia Shawkat as Angela Adams / Emily Chase / Parwana Hamzad
  • Amy Brenneman as Zoe McDonald
  • Gbenga Akinnagbe as Julian Carson

The Old Man Season 2 Plot

Season 2 will very certainly begin immediately after the Season 1 conclusion when Dan Chase and Harold Harper set out to rescue Angela/Emily (Alia Shawkat), who had been abducted by Faraz Hamzad. Why wouldn’t it? Dan Shotz and Jonathan E. Steinberg, the show’s creators, told Deadline that they are excited to explore more of what occurred to Dan and Harold in Afghanistan by viewing the past through their eyes. Could that narrative be the flashback thread in Season 2?

Where Can I Watch The Old Man?

Since The Old Man is an FX series, it first aired on FX before making its streaming premiere the following day on Hulu. You can watch the show on Hulu now that Season 1 is done.