Solo Leveling anime to have multiple seasons? – check details


The Solo Leveling webtoon adaptation is one of the most eagerly awaited anime projects of the forthcoming year. The anime adaption is the next Crunchyroll Originals partnership with the website Webtoon. The manga was originally authored by Chugong and illustrated by the late Jang Sung-Rak, popularly known as Dubu.

Fans have numerous questions regarding the Solo Leveling anime series, but one that comes up frequently is how many seasons the anime version will have. Fans may at least look at the adaptation rates of other similar projects to get a sense of how many seasons the series will have because the webtoon version has a total of 179 chapters.

At least two independent seasons of the Solo Leveling anime adaptation are most likely to be produced. The rate of source material adaptation is unquestionably the main aspect that affects how long an anime adaptation will be. This refers to the number of source chapters that are adapted for each anime episode, which normally ranges between a 3:1 and 4:1 ratio depending on the pace of the original material.

This 3:1 ratio, nevertheless, usually applies to manga sources rather than webcomics. The God of High School and Tower of God were part of the first batch of Crunchyroll Originals, which appears to have completely changed the way webtoons are produced. The typical chapter-to-episode adaption ratio for both series was easily exceeded.


Additionally, each series offers a unique strategy with a wide range of outcomes. In their first season, The God of High School, and Tower of God both aired 13 episodes. The rate of adaptation for The God of High School was considerably higher. The webtoon material equivalent to more than 100 chapters was covered in just 13 episodes of the anime adaptation. This would result in a higher than 7:1 adaptation ratio of source material chapters to anime episodes at exactly 100 chapters. Of course, in order to condense the general plot of the series, several plotlines and scenes from the original material were eliminated in this version. Despite this, the pace is still extremely fast and probably detracts from the series.

In contrast, Tower of God managed to successfully adapt 79 chapters in 13 episodes while only omitting a small number of plotlines and character development. The original webtoon’s readers felt satisfied with the adaption ratio of little over six webtoon chapters to one anime episode provided by this. The God of High School’s adaptation strategies, on the other hand, cannot be claimed to have received favourable reviews from those who have read the original work.

There are currently 179 published chapters of the Solo Leveling webcomic. There are just two possible paces for the adaption team as a result. The series might be adapted into two seasons with about 85 chapters each, moving at a speed that is a little faster than Tower of God but much slower than The God of High School.

Slowing down the Solo Leveling adaption is an alternative that, considering the popularity of both series, seems to be preferable. This would probably result in three seasons with each having about 60 chapters. In either case, it appears more likely that the anime version of the series will have no more than three seasons total.



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