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My Happy Marriage Season 2 confirmed- Here’s what we know

My Happy Marriage has come to an end with its 12th and final episode. The show has been liked by many and getting to its climax has been kind of difficult for the audience. However, to spike up fans’ curiosity, the makers have made an announcement regarding its second season.


The news was confirmed by releasing a promotional video. Cast members Reina Ueda (Miyo) and Kaito Ishikawa (Kiyoka) made the announcement. Two key visuals were also released for the same, while one was illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka and another by Rito Kousaka.

My Happy Marriage was initially released on the 5th of July. It is directed by Takehiro Kubota at Kinema Citrus Studious. The show is adapted from a light novel series written by Akumi Agitogi. The anime was licensed by Netflix and was highly cherished by the viewers for its intriguing narrative.

The story revolves around Miyo Saimori, who is born without any supernatural abilities and faces atrocities by her stepmother. When Miyo reaches a marriageable age, she is set up with Kiyoka Kudou, a commander with a cold attitude. His past relationship trajectory has taken a drastic downfall due to his behaviour.

However, when Kiyoka and Miyo become acquainted with each other’s presence, they build a natural bond. With the passage of time, the characters start developing feelings for each other and see the true side as well.

The return of My Happy Marriage will only promise to come up with more heartwarming moments between the leads. Fans will get to witness their thrilling journey, comprised of emotional distress and shared love.