Murder They Hope season 2: The 5 things you can not miss!

The detectives Gemma and Terry are back on the hunt in Murder They Hope season 2 to investigate a variety of strange new murders.

Season 2 of the deliciously absurd whodunit Murder on the Blackpool Express, Death on the Tyne, and Dial M for Middlesbrough is the follow-up to the star-studded comedy-drama Murder They Hope, which made its premiere last year.


Sian Gibson from Car Share and comedian Johnny Vegas will return as the quarrelling pair who are now operating their own private detective service while simultaneously preparing for their approaching wedding in the new run, which will air on Gold later this month.

Murder They Hope 2: where do we find Gemma and Terry?

The two are also attempting to attract listeners for the agency’s new podcast as they take on another round of bizarre cases. However, trouble is brewing as Terry’s unexpected past comes back to haunt him and serial killer coach driver Willy Watkins (Lee Mack of Not Going Out and The 1% Club), whom Gemma and Terry exposed during the last run, seeks retribution on them from behind bars.

“The private detective agency is still going but I wouldn’t recommend them!” laughs Gibson. “Gemma and Terry are preparing for their wedding but Gemma decides to fit in one last case before the big day. They begin the series as a team but trouble seems to follow them around and they soon become embroiled in an even bigger plot. Their relationship has never appeared to be completely stable has it?! But there is a huge test for them and the rocks are hit. There is definitely much more drama between them both…”

What cases do Gemma and Terry tackle in Murder They Hope season 2?

After receiving death threats for the firm arranging it, the couple goes incognito at a couples counselling retreat/survival school in the woods. However, the Grim Reaper soon strikes and begins taking the group one by one.

The pair arrives at the hotel for their wedding day in the second episode, but before they can exchange vows, Gemma and Terry must find the murderer after a visitor unexpectedly dies.

In the conclusion, Gemma must work with her sister Monica (Miranda’s Sarah Hadland) to investigate after learning some disturbing details about Terry’s history. However, the danger is approaching.

“Hopefully it gives everyone some light relief and a bit of a laugh. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and, after the rubbish couple of years we’ve all had, I think it’s just what people need,” says Gibson. “Jason [Cook, the show’s writer] manages to write characters who are larger than life and completely over the top but are yet somehow very relatable. I love how he combines the whodunnit element with comedy. I just hope it makes people smile!”

Murder They Hope Season 2 Cast

Tamzin Outhwaite from EastEnders and Ridley Road, Hugh Dennis from Outnumbered, Isy Suttie from Peep Show, Dan Skinner from Shooting Stars, Danielle Vitalis from Famalam, and Cole Anderson-James from The Emily Atack Show all make cameo appearances as the feuding couples at the retreat.

Vicki Pepperdine from Worzel Gummidge and Ramon Tikaram from Pennyworth portray the eccentric course organisers, while Claire Skinner from Outnumbered also makes an appearance as a mysterious woman keeping an eye on the group.

In the second episode, Sherrie Hewson from Benidorm joins the cast as Gemma’s mother Patricia. Philip Jackson from Poirot plays Patricia’s new lover Phil, while Sally Phillips from Bridget Jones, Youssef Kerkour from Home, and Joe Tracini from Hollyoaks play Phil’s children Alex, Bob, and Glen.

Ellen Thomas from EastEnders also makes an appearance as an odd nanny. In the meanwhile, comedian Jason Manford returns to the character of Gemma’s brother Freddie, and Shobna Gulati, a former Coronation Street cast member, plays Vicky, his police officer wife.

Murder They Hope Season 2 Trailer

Not yet, but when one is made available, we’ll post it here

Murder They Hope Season 2 Release Date

From Monday, October 24 through Wednesday, October 26 at 9 p.m., the three-part season will air nightly on Gold.