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Manifest season 4 premiere date: Everything we know about the upcoming season’s release

The wait for a Manifest season 4 premiere date has been long and difficult – we know that everyone has been panicking over that!

We are getting closer & closer to the big news and it’s thrilling for us! Our best guess is that there will be a big reveal on August 28th, but we don’t know if we’ll also see something before then.

Netflix might reveal something frankly related to the upcoming season before the release date, like a short teaser. This could be to please some people who are eagerly waiting for information about it. They recognize that the most important thing is that viewers pay attention for what could be coming later on. We’re not sure that they would reveal TOO much more before the 28th, largely because they know that is when things are really going to hit their peak. (Sometimes we see networks or streamers release a teaser for a trailer, which is exactly what we might get here. The idea of this happening seems pretty ridiculous.)

Keep up-to-date with the show on social media in case there are any developments. We believe that Netflix will gradually be more forthcoming with upcoming developments for the show, and are looking forward to them. This is the calm before the storm. The TV show still has much to reveal, and we expect at least half of the final season later this year!