Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers: Episode Guide, Trailer and Everything we know so far


Hold on. Here is another Lakers-related information, and this time it has the support of the individuals who are responsible for the accolades and acclaim. Enter LA Lakers: The True Story of Legacy.

The NBA dynasty has received a lot of attention over the past year. Fans were enthralled by the dramatised tale of how the Showtime-era Lakers came to be in the popular HBO series Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty months ago. While the audience seemed to like the programme, several of the genuine players and staff of the era had some extremely strong criticisms for the program’s fabrication of events.

Basketball greats Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jerry West voiced the loudest criticism. (To be fair, we conducted our study using Fact vs. Fiction articles that demonstrated that a lot of events shown in the series were, in fact, dramatisations and not true events.)

The new docuseries offers NBA fans an exciting streaming alternative by giving many prominent figures who have contributed to the history of the purple and gold—in addition to the Lakers from the Showtime era—the chance to express their truths.


The Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers Episode Guide

On Monday, August 15, Hulu in the US released the first episode of Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers. The following Mondays include new episodes of the 10-part series. Many people are enjoying the docuseries, despite some critics’ claims that it favours individuals engaged in the creation of the Laker Dynasty somewhat. Particularly considering that it tells more about the mystery surrounding the Buss family.


Episode 1:
“Real estate mogul Dr. Jerry Buss buys the Lakers, drafts rookie sensation Magic Johnson and welcomes his kids into the family business. Facing dramatic setbacks and shocking turns, the team captivates fans as Dr. Buss’s approach changes the NBA forever.”

Episode 2:
“After Magic Johnson shocks the media and asks to be traded, Dr. Buss does damage control. As the team welcomes a new coach and vital role-players who cement Showtime, the Buss kids juggle more responsibilities – and pressures- for the family business.”

Episode 3:
“Dr. Buss, a self-made man from a broken home and humble beginnings, is shocked when his eldest son quits the family business. After trade rumors upset the team, Dr. Buss qualms concerns and the team gets back on track. But their legendary streak ends.”

Episode 4:
“Kareem Abdul-Jabbar retires, creating doubts about the team’s future. As the Buss kids pull away from their dad in business and life, coach Riley becomes distracted by fame. The team soldiers on – until tragic news shocks the franchise and the world.”

Episode 5:
“A new era dawns, as gangsta rap explodes and the Lakers draft a gritty point guard who embodies the cultural shift. As Dr. Buss struggles to rebuild, his kids return to The Forum. Magic also returns, right before the franchise finds its next superstars.”


Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers Plot

Hulu describes the premise of the docuseries as the following:

“Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers captures the remarkable rise and unprecedented success of one of the most dominant and iconic franchises in professional sports. Featuring exclusive access to the Buss Family and probing, revealing interviews with players, coaches and front office execs, this 10-part documentary series chronicles this extraordinary story from the inside – told only by the people who lived it.

“When charismatic real estate tycoon Dr. Jerry Buss purchased the Los Angeles Lakers in a wildly risky and complex business deal, nobody could’ve predicted just how much success was to come. Kicking off the Showtime era in 1979, the notorious L.A.-playboy pioneered the business of basketball. He raised the price of floor seats, introduced dancers and a live band, opened an exclusive private club inside the arena and cultivated famous fans in Hollywood. Over the last 40 years, the team captured 11 titles and retired the jerseys of some of the NBA’s most legendary players.

“Today, Dr. Buss’s empire is now worth more than $5 billion. But all of that success did not come easy. Along with notorious feuds, career-ending illnesses and a bevvy of insurmountable on-court obstacles, the Lakers have also weathered intense drama off the court – within Dr. Buss’s own family. Running the franchise as a ‘mom and pop’ operation, Dr. Buss gave his children front office jobs with the understanding they would, someday, inherit his kingdom. But sibling rivalry, interpersonal conflict and corporate unrest threatened to destroy everything Dr. Buss worked so hard to build. Ultimately, Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers is about family, business, and power –and how all three must be harnessed to achieve greatness.”


Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers Cast

A number of iconic NBA players are included in the docuseries, as was already announced. Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Lebron James, Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher, Jerry West, and Jeanie Buss are among those giving their opinions on the Lakers organisation.


Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers Trailer

Basketball lovers should be thrilled about the documentary series since it is revealing one of the most admired dynasties in NBA history, according to the teaser. It’s intriguing to view the documentary while comparing it to what was displayed in Winning Time.


How to watch Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers

Make sure you have a Hulu account if you want to view the series in the US, as it streams straight on the service. Both an ad-free and an ad-supported version of the streaming service are now available.