La Reina Del Sur Season 4: Check out release date, cast and every latest updates

La Reina Del Sur is a popular Spanish TV series. Arturo Pérez-Reverte wrote a novel of the same as the series, thus this series is its adaptation. 28 February 2011 marks the introduction of La Reina Del Sur, until this point in time, we have watched 3 seasons, and we are searching for the forthcoming seasons. Fans are interested in La Reina Del Sur season 4 and its debut date. So here’s everything we know so far.

La Reina Del Sur Season 4 Release Date


In 2022, La Reina Del Sur Season 3 was dropped, when the 3rd season of the series was reported the fans began to wonder about the potential season of the series. There have been big hypotheses about whether the series will be heading to the future. If we talk about the release date of the 4th season then there is no update yet.

La Reina Del Sur Season 4 Cast

The potential cast list is as follows.

  • Kate del Castillo as Teresa Mendoza
  • Humberto Zurita as Epifanio Vargas
  • Rafael Amaya as Raimundo Dávila Parra “El Güero”
  • Iván Sánchez as Santiago López Fisterra “El Gallego”
  • Cristina Urgel as Patricia O’Farrell
  • Alberto Jiménez as Oleg Yasikov
  • Miguel de Miguel as Teo Aljarafe
  • Gabriel Porras as Roberto Gato Márquez “El Gato Fierros”
  • Salvador Zerboni as Ramiro Vargas “El Ratas”
  • Nacho Fresneda as Dris Larbi

What is La Reina Del Sur Story About?

The series is the TV adaptation of the literary work of the same name of Spanish author Arturo Pérez-Reverte. It is the chronicle of the rise to power of a Mexican lady inside the universe of international drug trafficking. Teresa Mendoza starts her adventure as a humble young lady in love with a pilot employed by the Mexican cartels. At the point when they execute her beau, Teresa escapes, desperate to avoid the same fate. Her escape takes her to the south of Spain where she tries to start a new life.