Kraven the Hunter: Release date, cast, plot and every latest updates


Kraven the Hunter is the 4th film in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, and it’s turning the spotlight on another one of Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery.

Despite the fact that he frequently conflicts with Bug Man and sometimes other heroes such as Black Panther, he is likewise known to be an anti-hero: teaming up with Spidey on occasion in the comics. As a character with more than fifty years of history in the comics, some could say a big-screen debut for the villain is way overdue. Thus, here’s everything we know about Kraven the Hunter.

Kraven the Hunter Release Date

Sony has affirmed that Kraven the Hunter will be dropped on October 6, 2023. The project was as of late pushed back, after initially having a January release date.

In spite of the movie first being announced in 2018, shooting didn’t commence on the project until March 2022. Filming was then completed in June 2022, with Aaron Taylor Johnson uncovering that the film had been shot completely on the location.

Kraven the Hunter Cast

Aaron Taylor-Johnson isn’t the only actor set to show up in the new Spider-Man spin-off. Check out the cast list below.

  1. Aaron Taylor Johnson as Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven
  2. Ariana DeBose as Calypso Ezili
  3. Christopher Abbott as The Foreigner
  4. Fred Hechinher as Dmitri Nikolaievich Smerdyakov/The Chameleon
  5. Alessandro Nivola in an undisclosed villain role
  6. Russell Crowe in an undisclosed role
  7. Levi Miller in an undisclosed role
  8. Murat Seven as Ömer Aksoy

Kraven the Hunter Plot

We don’t actually have a particular idea of the plot for the Kraven the Hunter movie. Like Morbius and Venom, it is expected that this forthcoming film will serve as an origin story for Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s take on the character.

In any case, the story will normally follow Kraven, who is a Russian Game Catcher and wishes to find Spider-Man to turn into the world’s best hunter. In this film, could be possible that he is more of an anti-hero here rather than a villain, just like how Venom and Morbius were portrayed.